Two men posing on a couch, with Moutai Feitian bottles on the coffee table in front of them.
October 3, 2018

LA Fashion Week is an organization to raising the profile of fashion in the U.S. and hosted in the Greater Los Angeles Area. The event was hosted each March and October with more than 20,000 influencers and celebrities attended this event.

Moutai, the most popular high-end spirit brand in China, was sponsored for LAFW. To make Moutai tastes more unique, we used Moutai to make cocktails, which perfectly blends with other ingredients. Surprisingly, most guests were enjoyed the combination of Chinese hard liquor with a hint of sweets.

Above all, Moutai was proud to be sponsored for LAFW. The idea of making Moutai cocktails impressed most of the guests and promoted Chinese Baijiu culture.