Dong Fang Hong, a strong aroma baijiu, is crafted using a mash bill of five grains, including glutinous rice, rice, wheat, corn, and sorghum sourced from Western Sichuan, China. The grain mash undergoes an extended solid-state fermentation cycle lasting three months. It is then twice distilled, and the carefully selected distillates are stored for a maximum of 10 years in hand-crafted terra-cotta vats. The beauty of the distillate is gradually revealed through its subtle interactions with air molecules, facilitated by the microscopic pores of these large receptacles.

Dong Fang Hong not only upholds the rich heritage of its distillery but also ensures it caters to the tastes of modern baijiu enthusiasts, thanks to the technical excellence and unwavering patience of the craftsmen who had brought it to life.


Origin: Sichuan, China

Mash: Sorghum, glutinous rice, rice, wheat and corn

Eye: Clear



ABV 46% (92 PF) Size 500 ML


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Dong Fang Hong Baijiu

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