From one of the oldest distilleries in Okinawa comes an inspired creation named “Kujira,” or whale, a guardian of peace and nature, and Inari, the mythological god of rice cultivation. Distilled from 100% premium rice and combined with a variety of hand-selected whiskies, the result is a harmony of flavors as lovely as the Ryukyu islands themselves. A tropical, fruity spice meets delicate oak and butterscotch, and a long, sweet finish caps off the beautiful balance of Kujira Inari.


Origin: Okinawa, Japan

Mash: 100% Indica Rice, Black Koji

Tongue: Vanilla, Caramel, Poached Plum, Rich Honey

Nose: Apple, Pears, Tropical Fruits, and Hints of Spices

Finish: Sweet and Long Finish, with Pleasant Fruity, Herbal Scent, and Woody Texture

No caramel color added

ABV 46% (92 PF) Size 700 ML

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