Okinawa’s First Craft Gin.

In every bottle of Masahiro Okinawa gin stirs Mahae, the sweet summer wind that swept through the tropical island on the day it began. Customarily made from a special base of malted Rice and twice distilled, timeless notes of juniper are expertly swirled with the lush, local botanicals of Okinawa. The nose is greeted with a gust of shekwasa citrus and sweet guava, the taste buds awoken with pipatsu spice and island herbs. Goya, roselle and long peppers complete this luxurious liquid for an authentic taste of Okinawa unlike any other.


   Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2020 86 points badge.


Origin: Okinawa, Japan

Source: Indica Rice, Juniper Berries, Native Botanicals

Eye: Pure, Crystal, Full-Bodied

Nose: Fresh Guava, Shekwasha Citrus, Goya Fruit

Tongue: Juniper Spice, Long Peppers, Tropical Notes

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