LvSu is the quintessential Shuanggou baijiu. It demonstrates the uniqueness of the Shuanggou brand being simultaneously rich and gentle on the palette. The beautiful curved bottle design hints to the graceful aroma while the green hue represents the immaculate and vital nature of this gorgeous expression. Due to its characteristics, LvSu makes an excellent choice for gifting during the Harvest Moon festival also known as the Mid- Autumn festival.


Origin: Jiangsu, China

Mash: Sorghum, Grains

Eye: Clear

Nose: Elegant, Tranquil, Floral

Tongue: Rich fruit forwardness with a hint of pepperiness, with a finish like sugarcane, ending on subtle notes of roasted green tea and matcha

ABV 52% (104 PF) Size 1000 ML


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