Shui Jing Distillery’s unique wealth of distillers’ yeasts, amassed over 600 years, means that every sip of any Shui Jing Fang can be considered related to those enjoyed by the ancient dynasties. A unique mash of Sorghum, wheat, corn, and glutinous rice is aged in 1-ton, terracotta urns, generally for 3-5 years, after which urns are carefully chosen for blending the final product: similar to non-vintage Champagne, the goal is consistency of flavor.




Origin: Chengdu, China

Mash: 36% Sorghum, 64% Grains (Wheat, Rice, Corn, Glutinous Rice)

Eye: Crystal, Pure, Full-Bodied

Nose: Floral, Plum, Dried Prunes, Earth Tongue: Dried Fruits, Fresh Hay, Bittersweet

ABV 52% (104 PF) Size 750 ML


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