Huadu Tiananmen Baijiu is a premium Chinese spirit that embodies the rich history and culture of China. This high-quality Baijiu is crafted from a blend of sorghum, wheat, and other grains, carefully selected and sourced from the best regions in China. It is then fermented and distilled using traditional techniques passed down through generations of distillers from the Kweichow Moutai town.

With a smooth and complex flavor profile, Huadu Tiananmen Baijiu boasts a rich aroma with notes of dried fruit and spice. It has a mellow taste that is highly valued among Baijiu enthusiasts. The liquor is best served neat, and in small shots, paired with traditional Chinese food.

Named after the famous Tiananmen Square in Beijing, the symbol of unity and peace, every bottle of Huadu Tiananmen Baijiu is beautifully designed with a label featuring the iconic image of the gate of heavenly peace. It is a perfect collectible for Baijiu enthusiasts and a great gift for those who appreciate Chinese culture and tradition.


Origin: Beijing, China

Mash: Sorghums, Wheat

Eye: Crystal, Full-Bodied

Nose: Savory Stewed Cashew

Tongue: Slow Roasted Beef, Asian Pear, White Chocolate

ABV 53% (106 PF) Size 1000 ML


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