XiFeng Baijiu is a premium Chinese distilled spirit that is known for its unique and complex flavor profile. TheXiFeng Yellow 20 Year is a particularly noteworthy version of this spirit, as it boasts a light and airy aroma that is both inviting and alluring. Despite its delicate aroma, the XiFeng Yellow 20 Year is not a baijiu for beginners, as it packs a robust and intense flavor profile. On the palate, it exhibits notes of pepper and spice, which are balanced by a subtle sweetness that resembles a sweet biscuit on the finish. This baijiu is an excellent choice for those looking for a bold and flavorful spirit to pair with rich and savory dishes, such as lamb and duck cooked in traditional Chinese styles.


Origin: Shaanxi, China

Mash: Sorghum, Wheat, Peas, Barley

Eye: Clear

Nose: Light and Dry

Tongue: Peppery spice, subtle sweetness of lychee and biscuit

ABV 52% (104 PF) Size 375 ML


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