The Yushan Single Malt Whisky Sherry Cask is smooth and sweet, scented with the classic fragrance of the Oloroso casks it was aged in. Beneath that complex aroma of sweet meats, dark chocolate, and dried fruit lies a dark and rich body. This Yushan whisky presents an intense and luscious flavor profile consisting of dried plums, caramel toast, orange cake, cocoa, and various fruits with a layered, long-lasting finish tasting of smoked sandalwood.


Origin: Taiwan

Source: 100% Malted Barley

Eye: Rich Maroon

Nose: Fruit compote, nuts, dark chocolate, longan honey, ripe mango, sweet hardy banana, raisin, candied plum, wood, citrus peels.

Tongue: Brioche, caramel, smoky, florals

ABV 46% (92 PF) Size 700 ML


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