From the award-winning master blenders at one of Okinawa’s oldest distilleries, the Kujira 10 Year is even more special than its age statement suggests. 100% indica rice is distilled and mashed with native black Koji, followed by 10 years in carefully-sourced White Oak Virgin Casks. Salty sea air enhances its maturation for a whisky that’s decadent in honey and vanilla aromas, a palate of baked bread and charming clover, and a slight bitterness in the finish that enriches the bold balance of sweet and spice.



Origin: Okinawa, Japan

Mash: 100% Japanese Indica Rice, Black Koji

Nose: Honey and Brown Sugar, Come Along with Spices and Soft Oaky Aromas

Tongue: Soft Butter Caramel Sauce with Licorice and Baked Bread Flavor. Charming Spices such as Clover and Cinnamon Enrich the Taste

Finish: Long Finish of Spices, with a Slight Pleasant Bitterness Balancing the Sweetness

No caramel color added

ABV 43% (86 PF) Size 700 ML

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