Traditional Asian buildings.

Rising popularity: Asian spirits at auction

Via The Spirit Business While spirits auctions have traditionally been dominated by Scotch, Asian spirits such as baijiu are...

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Moutai bottles lined up.

Chinese Booze Dominates the Latest Ranking of the World’s Most Valuable Spirits

Via Rob Report In the latest study of the value of spirits brands and how they’ve weathered several years...

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Different cocktails on bar.

Top 10 most valuable drinks companies 2022

From The Drinks Business We’ve analysed data from Forbes’ list of the 2,000 biggest public companies in the world this...

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Royal Ranthambore bottle and box.

If You Haven’t Tasted Indian Whisky Yet, Royal Ranthambore Just Gave One More Reason to Try It

hen most people think “single malt whisky,” Scotland is the first country that comes to mind, and understandably so. But India...

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Gin cocktail.

Is Japanese gin a new growth trend for the gin category?

Via IWSR More widely known for whisky and the local spirit shochu, Japan is becoming an established gin market...

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Baijiu on the bar

Baijiu: The Chinese liquor that can become your next favorite

Via Foodsided The Chinese gastronomic heritage is so expansive that it is humanly impossible to experience everything within a...

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Shinobu head distiller posing around barrels.

SB meets… Ken Usami, Shinobu Distillery

(Via The Spirits Business) Master distiller Ken Usami is at the helm of the operation, creating a range of...

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Pappy Van Winkle bottle and glass.

Pappy Van Winkle Distiller Experiments With a Baijiu Whiskey

(Via Bloomberg) Buffalo Trace, in Frankfort, Ky., is known for bottling some of the world’s most sought-after whiskeys such as Pappy Van...

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Two whisky filled glasses on table.

Where next for whisky?

(Via The Drink Bussiness) The global market for rare and collectible whisky has exploded in recent years, spearheaded by...

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Can China’s Other National Drink Make a Comeback?

(Via Sixth Tone) When the autumn winds begin to blow and the nights get cold, it can only mean...

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The Best Japanese Whiskies of 2022, for the Best Price

It’s about that time of year where…we start thinking about the next year! The days are dwindling and temperatures...

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Whisky tasting sheets.

Will Japanese whisky be eclipsed by Taiwan? The island’s gin and rum also show promise – with...

Back in the Age of Discovery, Ilha Formosa (“beautiful island”) was the name the Portuguese gave to Taiwan. Today...

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