Bottle of Shui Jing Fang Wellbay and pink baijiu cocktail with ice and lemon slices placed on a bar counter.

The Baijiu Riddle: Learning to Love China’s Infamous Firewater

I was slumped against the neon sign of a dive bar in Bushwick, chain-smoking and hazy from cheap beer,...

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Lightbulbs at a bar

Ant-man Cocktail

Ant-Man rolls into theaters July 17th expanding—or rather, contracting—the Marvel Cinematic Universe to microscopic proportions. And we thought, what better way...

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Two half-filled baijiu shot glasses held beside each other above table of Moutai Feitian bottles.

Tasting the Kapow Factor of Baijiu

There’s a few flushed faces in the room as China’s national firewater is downed in tiny gulps. It has...

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Lightbulbs at a bar

Signature Cocktail Sesame Colada Made With Baijiu

This month’s cocktail features a spirit you’ve probably never had. Baijiu (pronounced bye-jo) comes from China and has a...

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Baijiu cocktail on a marbled dining table.

Four Manhattan cocktail classic-related events still going on this weekend

The Power of Baijiu: Your friends will tell you they went to China once and had to toast with...

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Cocktail in a glass with a lemon slice next to Moutai shot glasses.

Spike up your Super Bowl party with 2015 trendy cocktails

Be on the lookout for Baijiu, the spirit of choice in China, coming to bars in 2015. It is...

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Diagonal rows of Hong Kong Baijiu bottles on a table.

Baijiu, This New Chinese Drink Trend Might Be The Future Of Your Partying

Quick: Name the number-one selling spirit in the world. Vodka? Nope. Whiskey? Not even close. It’s actually baijiu, made...

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Moutai cocktail in front of a carousel.

Baijiu, China’s Potent Liquor, Is Poised to Try to Make a Splash in the U.S.

Can you be won over by baijiu (pronounced “bye-joe”), China’s firewater-like liquor? Ask someone who didn’t grow up on the...

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Chinese style lanterns hanging against the night sky with the Kweichow Moutai logo.

Introducing Baijiu to the West in Celebration of the Chinese New Year and Ongoing Diplomacy

Baijiu is an integral essence of China: a source of inspiration to poets; a link between business partners, relatives...

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Row of Moutai shot glasses in front of a row of Moutai Feitian boxes.

Old Chinese spirit seeks new haunts

To other diners on the patio at Santa Ana’s Lola Gaspar, our behavior must have seemed odd. My lunch...

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Tray of Eastern Elixir Shui Jing Fang cocktails.

Baijiu, the potent Chinese spirit you’ve never heard of

The history of China is vast, dating back over 4,000 years. Throughout the thousands of years, the dynasties and...

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Moutai Feitian being poured into a cocktail shaker.

How To Make Cocktails With the Most Unmixable Spirit, Baijiu

L.A. bartenders share tips on how to use this potent Chinese spirit The first time I encountered Baijiu (“bye-joe”),...

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